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At bblüv we believe in quality products that are safe, durable, attractive and make life easier. We put a great deal of effort in the design of our products so you can be assured that what enters your home will make you and your baby’s life simpler. From of its Canadian origins and European inspirations, bblüv is already well established in North America and rapidly expanding worldwide. Being a company with a dynamic team of young parents, we are passionate about trends and technologies. Awareness of the ups and downs that occur with the new generation of parents is also a profound focus that helps us deliver practical and functional items. Supported by our parent testers, we rely on a solid experience to select only key elements of parenthood that make a difference and use this knowledge to create thoughtful and well-designed products. As parents, we develop products that are convenient for our own children, adding a clean design that pleases the adult eye while staying appealing for kids. We are committed to provide peace of mind to parents by making products that prevent, protect, monitor the environment and increase baby’s comfort and well being. Our goal is to help you worry less about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and focus on what really matters, your little ones. We hope that you will share our passion and lüv every moment!