LennyUpGrade - Magnolia


$210.00 $255.57

100% Cotton - 330gsm - Jacquard Weave

LennyUpGrade is the NEW fully adjustable carrier from LennyLamb - no inserts needed!

Designed for use with babies 8-45lbs (approximately 2 months to 2.5 years).  The carrier adjusts at the seat as well as in the width and height of the panel.


  • The seat adjusts on a sliding velcro band to allow you to fit the carrier perfectly to your baby no matter their size
  • Padded shoulder straps that are 1cm narrower than the LennyUp
  • Hood with adjustable fabric straps
  • 2 way adjustable shoulder strap tightening - for comfort when front or back carrying
  • contoured panel adjusted by fabric straps and buttons for an aesthetically pleasing and sleek design
  • additional thigh padding for baby
  • new single point waist band buckle 
  • removable back support piece
  • magnetic pocket closure on waistband
  • compliant with European certificate PD CN/TR 16512:2015 and American Certificate ASTM F2236-16a

Add On's: 

  • Drool Pads - Helps protect the carrier from babies who tend to chew on the straps, allows toys to be attached to the ribbon loops
  • Adjuster Strap - allows the straps to extend under babies bum to accommodate very small babies.