Peapod Mats - 3'x3'

Peapod Mats

$42.50 $49.99

Peapod Mats lay on top of the bed sheets and have a grippy material underneath allowing it to stay in place without bunching or moving.  These super absorbent mats are machine washable and have been designed to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids.  This means no more stripping beds in the middle of the night.  Simply take off the mat and put down a dry one!

Please keep in mind, these are only suggestions. Factors to consider are the size and age of the child. As well as movement in bed and size of bed. 
Our recommendation:
3x3 PeapodMat: up to ages 3-4 yrs of age or for an adult with limited mobility.
3x5 PeapodMat: older children, 4 yrs and up,  to adult. 
Whichever PeapodMat size you choose we highly recommend that the PeapodMat be placed slightly under the pillow. We do NOT recommend using the PeapodMat for infants to sleep on or at any time unattended. We recommend using the PeapodMat for babies for ‘nudey’ tummy time, changing mat, or bath mat (supervised by an adult of course!)