Smart Labs - Slime Lab

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"SmartLab Toys - It's Alive! Slime Lab

Measure, mix, and concoct icky-sticky goo like a real mad scientist with this one-of-a-kind laboratory kit. The motorized Slime-O-Nator makes your slimy concoctions appear to grow, dance, and mutate. Use the slime poker to stretch and bend your slime. Like all SmartLab toys, this goo-fy kit features projects that teach the science behind the fun.

The 16-page lab book includes 20 slippery activities that use common household ingredients.

Requires 4-AA batteries that are not included. Suitable for ages 8 years old and up. Components: Slime-O-Nator, graduated cylinder, slime poker, Goop Scoop measuring spoon, mixing bowl, dropper and a d 16 page book. 

It's Alive! Slime Lab:

  • Make slime and bring it to life
  • Make slime grow, dance and mutate with the motorized Slime-O-Nator
  • Projects teach the science behind the slime - but in the end, it's just good not-so-clean fun
  • Investigate the principles of viscosity, elasticity and more
  • Projects include: Franken-slime, mucus monsters, foaming slime, snot slime, freaky frequencies, wild waves and more
  • Contents include: motorized slime-O nator, wave dome, 2-piece slime dome, graduated cylinder, mixing Cup, eyedropper, goop scoop, slime stick, 16-page book
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Age range of SmartLab toys: 8 years and up