Smart Labs - Spa Soaps

Outset Media

Available for pre-order

Use a microwave oven and the super-cute molds, soap base, and pigments in Spa Lab: All-Natural Soaps set to make seashell, or flower-shaped soaps, and more!

- Get creative by adding all-natural ingredients found in the kitchen and in the garden!

- Add rose petals or lavender to create scented soaps, oatmeal to make soothing soaps, and much more!

- Add honey and make a beehive-shaped soap!

Follow the recipes in the booklet or dream up custom soaps. Make soap for friends and use the five whimsical, pre-printed boxes to give as gifts. The possibilities are endless!

This set includes 14 soap molds, white glycerin soap base, clear glycerin soap base, 3 soap pigments, 2 measuring & mixing spoons, 5 gift boxes and 16-page full color book.