Soul Baby Shoes

Soft Soul footwear is ideal for indoor use as their special sherpa insole assure soft cushioning on hard surfaces. Their trademark soles are made of soft and pliable faux suede that grips well and stretches easily. You can also use them outdoors on smooth, soft, grassy or similar surfaces.

They make ideal first shoes for infants since they are easy to slip on and the gentle elastic band keeps them securely fastened. They are also equally perfect for energetic toddlers since they stand up well to wear and tear. Made of soft and breathable fabrics, Soft Soul footwear adapt comfortably to changing temperatures.


For the perfect fit and room to grow, we advise you to add up to 1/2" to your child's foot measurement to find the appropriate Soft Soul size.

0-6 Months: 
US size 0-4, UK size 0-3, EU size 16-19, Length 4 3/8 inches/11.1 cm

6-12 Months: 
US size 5, UK size 4, EU size 20, Length 4 3/4 inches/12.1 cm

12-18 Months: 
US size 6-7, UK size 5-6, EU size 21-23, Lenght 5 1/2 inches,/14 cm

18-24 Months: 
US size 9, UK size 8, EU size 26, Length 6 3/8 inches/16.2 cm

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