AppleCheeks - One Size Diaper Kits


Available for pre-order

We now offer two options for those wanting to start their cloth diaper journey with AppleCheeks One Size Diapers...

The Starter Kit: 

Not sure you're ready to commit to cloth diapers just yet? Our AppleCheeks starter kit is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to convince yourself that cloth is the way to go! NOW WITH OUR NEW SIZE 1 ZIP STORAGE SAC AND 6 WIPES! Kit includes: • 3 AppleCheeks One Size Envelope Covers • 9 rayon from bamboo inserts • ZIPPERED Storage Sac, size 1 • 6 bamboo wipes • 1 bamboo booster - FREE

The Full Time Kit:

This kit is the perfect size for three days worth of diapers for a smaller baby, and even longer for a bigger baby! Each kit complete with AppleCheeks customer service promise. 12 AppleCheeks One Size Envelope Covers, 36 rayon from bamboo inserts, 1 Zip Storage Sac - size 1, 1 Storage Sac - size 2, 12 Bamboo Wipes, & 2 Bamboo Boosters - FREE.