Fox & Chaos Naturals Outdoor Spray

Fox & Chaos Naturals


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A delightful blend of Aloe vera, colloidal silver and powerful essential oils.  A fresh blend to battle all the nasty, irritating and creepy things in your life ( no it won’t work on your brother, sister or that weird Uncle with all the jokes). We crafted this awesome blend with a ton of aloe and generous amounts of colloidal silver to ensure a fresh and easy application. This creates a non greasy, naturally fresh spray that sticks around.

Formulated at a percentage that is safe for children and actually pleasant for your senses!
two scents to rock your outdoor world

THANG 1 : features a fresh coastal woods vibe with a mellow eucalyptus finish

THANG 2: deliciously sweet & fruity with a hint of citrus. You will just want to spray it on any old time.

We always recommend spraying on clothing when you can and for facial application just spray some on your hands and wipe on. Trust us, it’s way easier this way.