Grapat - 7 Moons Weekly Calendar


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Grapat 7 Moons Weekly Calendar is a collection of 7 Nins-Acorns in various colours for each day of the week according to Waldorf pedagogy.

This set will allow children to associate each day with the corresponding colour enabling them to understand the passage of days.  Some ancient cultures believed that each day of the week had its own planet, colour, scent, and grain.  

Sunday - Sun, wheat, white, frankincense

Monday - Moon, rice, purple/violet, jasmine

Tuesday - Mars, barley, red, clove

Wednesday - Mercury, millet, yellow, opal

Thursday - Jupiter, rye, orange, cedar

Friday - Venus, oats, green, rose

Saturday - Saturn, corn, indigo/blue, myrrh


  • 7 Nins-acorns
  • 7 Vessles
  • 1 round dish (18cm diameter)

Recommended for age 3+

Handmade in Catalonia with beech and birch from sustainable forests.  Dyes are water based, non-toxic, and comply with European safety regulations.  Pieces are finished with waxes and vegetable based oils.

Due to the natural materials used to make Grapat toys, each piece will have markings, wood grain, and variations in colour.   These "imperfections" make each piece beautiful and unique.

Care instructions: Only use a damp cloth to wipe down your Grapat toys.  Do not submerge them in water, do not use hot water, and do not use disinfectant.