Healing Hazel - Hazelwood Baby Necklace

Healing Hazel

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Handmade with real, fresh, high-quality hazelwood. Helps to reduce acidity-related symptoms. Must be in contact with the skin. May be in contact with plain water, however it is preferable to remove it before bathing or swimming to increase its lifespan. Must be in contact with the skin. You should be able to run two fingers along your baby’s neck under the necklace. The necklace must never reach passed your baby’s chin. Whenever your baby shows the first signs of teething, it’s time to try this product.
    This product has a safety release and is accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
    The Healing Hazelwood-Amber Necklaces are made with hazelwood trees grown in Quebec, Canada. Hazelwood helps neutralize acidity, helps with digestion, constipation, eczema, migraines, acid reflux, heart burn, nausea, arthritis - anything that is caused by an acidity imbalance.
    Blues - Includes at least 1 Blue Bead
    Pinks - Includes Pink Beads
    Gender Neutral - No Pinks or Blues. Oranges, Greens, etc.