Holztiger Wooden Toys - Ark

Holztiger Wooden Toys

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Truly a magnificent toy!

The detachable deck and cabin make it very easy for children of all ages to play.

The hatch makes it easy, and fun, to board all of your favourite animals & friends!

Feel like taking a journey? No worries……the roller board under the ark allows children to pull the ark along on their adventures.

The Holztiger Noah’s Ark is a toy to be enjoyed by all ages…..yes, even grown ups and passed on through generations, along with stories of all the great adventures.

The beauty and simplicity of Holztiger wooden toys allows your child’s imagination to be free…..the possibilities become endless!

Each Holztiger Toy is individually handcrafted. The quality and craftsmanship of each piece will ensure years of play for many generations.

Holztiger Wooden Toys are designed in Germany, handcrafted in Romania and often used in Waldorf & Montessori education.

All animals and figures are sold separately.

Recommended Age – 3yrs +

Measurements – 75 x 47 x 43.5 cm