Holztiger Wooden Toys - Elephant Calf

Holztiger Wooden Toys

$14.56 $18.20

This Baby Wooden Elephant is painted a delicate grey colour and has soft features. His trunk is raised ready to splash you with water, grab a leaf from a tree and steal the hat off your head. Give this little guy a home today!


12cm x 2.3cm x 9cm

These beautiful Wooden Animals & Figures are made from native beech and maple, both hardwoods from Europe. Each piece is handcrafted using sustainable wood to a high standard.The Holztiger range is perfect for ages 3 years and up.


The Holztiger Wooden Animals & Figures are all hand finished. They are hand painted with nontoxic water-based acrylic paints and are all sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer. This means that they can be safely chewed on and can also be wiped clean with a cloth. Holztiger wooden toys are chunky and easy to hold. The wood is warm and it feels wonderful to hold, even for adults! Your little one will have hours of fun with these animals and figures as they add personalities to each piece. Soon every single animal will be a treasured member of your family.