Holztiger Wooden Toys - Walrus

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This big walrus is a great wooden figure with his big tusks and cute whiskers. He likes to hang out on the ice in the North Pole where he enjoys fishy treats. Yum! This hand-crafted figure has been carved from solid hardwood, with the rich natural grain shining through the light brown water-based eco paint.  Delicate hand-painted markings add detail to this cute walrus toy. Children will love to play with this wooden walrus and he will make a wonderful addition to any collection of sustainable wooden animals.

This figure measures 16 x 9 x 2.8cm.

Suitable from age 3.

Step into the beautiful, handcrafted world of Holztiger, where each figure is as unique as the child playing with it. Holztiger Waldorf style toys are wholly sustainable - made by hand from durable solid maple and beech, and painted with non-toxic, water-based paints in Europe. Durable hardwood will stand the test of time in the playroom and the beauty of its grain shows through the paint on each painstakingly made figure. Watch these beautiful toys come to life in the hands of a child as they play. These purposefully simplified wooden figures are popular with the Steiner Waldorf Education sector because they allow children to breathe life into the characters using their own imaginations. Children can recreate their own experiences from the world around them and also delve into a world of fantasy with some of the more exotic figures. Holztiger toys are loved by children and adults alike all over the world. Young minds will develop and learn by playing with these enchanting figures. Build your Holztiger set today!