LennyLamb Hobo Bag - Twinkling Stars

Lenny Lamb

$74.95 $87.95

The Lenny Lamb Hobo Bag is a perfect accessory for babywearing parents who need a spacious bag to carry all the things that are now necessary. They are made of the same fabrics that we use for making our carriers and wraps. Thanks to this, they are very strong and good quality. It can be a perfect addition to your Lenny Lamb wrap or carrier. If you no longer wear your baby it can be a nice accessory in the color of a carrier you used to use that will remind you of this beautiful time when you carried your baby close to your heart :)

Here is the view of LennyLamb Hobo Bag inside (the design shown in the pictures is random and serves to show the inside of the bag only)

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