Papoose - Landscape Toadstool Trunks (3pc)


SKU: WP093
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The Paoppse Toadstool Trunks are an adorable addition to any small world play collection.

The felt and mushroom patches are glued onto a piece of natural wood, making each one different.  

  • Includes 3 wooden trunks with wool felt mossy mats and wool felt mushrooms, securely attached.
  • Each measures approximately 5cm tall

Papoose was founded in 1991 by Australian Renske Carbone.  Working with natural materials, production takes place in small communities in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.  The products are ethically made by hand at fair rates of pay using waste from the furniture industry with wood supplied from wood traders meeting the SVLK Timber Legality Verification.;

Thank you for supporting this community-oriented natural-play business.