Smart Labs - Demolition Lab Warehouse

Outset Media

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What is the one thing that kids like more than building? Wrecking!
Build structures then insert blasters and demolish the building.

With the mind-blowing Demolition Lab, kids can construct unlimited warehouse-type buildings using over 100 walls, spires, beams, panels and more. Then, they'll try to demolish these monumental structures with strategically placed blasters—all while getting inside the science of power, force, momentum and gravity!

Additional line items include Demolition Lab: Breakdown Building and Demolition Lab: Mega Smokestack.

Ages 8+


  • 50+ wall, rooftop & floor panels 4 pipe bridges
  • 2 spires
  • Water tower
  • Connector clips
  • Tri-sound master detonator 3 blasters