Smart Labs Lip Balm Boutique

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Create your own custom line of beautiful, revitalizing lip balms!

It's extremely simple - Just melt and mix the included beeswax pastilles with vegetable oil and pour it into the silicone mold.

The FUN is in deciding what unique ingredients you'll add to make each one tasty, fragrant, and totally beautiful!

Use extra-virgin olive oil for a deeper color and fruitier flavor. Freshen things up with a drop of lemon-scented olive oil or discover the soothing power of chocolate with the small addition of cocoa butter.

Keep experimenting with vanilla extract, honey, lipstick shavings, coconut oil, vitamin E capsules, candy flavoring, and more - The recipe possibilities are endless!

And all the while, kids get to learn about the science of all-natural lip care, the history of lip balms, plus the reason why water and oil don't mix.

And don't forget about the four bonus lotion bar molds!

Fun, easy, and thrillingly creative - Lip care has never been more fun than with the SmartLab All Natural Lip Balm Boutique.

SmartLab All Natural Lip Balm Boutique

  • Kit for mixing and molding 6 custom lip balms plus 4 unique lotion bars
  • Encourages creativity, scientific learning, self-expression, personal hygiene skills
  • Simple instructions - Just melt and mold with special silicone mold
  • Experiment with all kinds of different ingredients from home
  • Use stickers to label and decorate lip balm containers
  • Learn about history of lip balm, science of lip care, reason why oil and water don't mix
  • Includes 6 pod tops, 6 pod inserts, 6 pod bottoms, silicone mold, sticker sheet, beeswax pastilles (42.2 grams), set of 4 lotion bar molds (butterfly, bee, shell, flower), 6 lotion bar gift bags
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Ingredients used in recipes (not included): Vegetable oil (required), honey, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, lipstick (for adding color), Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate candy, vitamin E capsules, cocoa butter, coconut oil, lemon-flavored oil, candy flavoring oils, candy melts, candy coloring oils, glycerin, cosmetic-grade glitter
  • High quality materials for exceptional lip-balm-making experience