Yaro Ring Sling - Elvish Contra Black Cosmic Rainbow



85% cotton 10% linen 5% seacell 
300 g/m2

Our most beloved pattern Elvish in a beautiful Cosmic Rainbow colourplay, was developed as a custom by Yaro fans from Poland. It has an interesting blend of cotton, linen and seacell. The linen gives it strength and support and that makes this wrap very nice for bigger babies and toddlers, the seacell provides the softness you need for your smaller baby. 

Seacell is known as a luxurious silky fiber made from seaweed and eucalyptus fibers. Seacell is a cellulose fiber and is non-allergenic.

Contraweave will make sure your passes keep in place and your wrapjob will hold for hours! 

This is a wrap that you will be able to use through all of you babywearingsdays, suitable for all ages and all experience levels.

The wrap feels mediumthick in hand and will break in easily.

Yaro ring slings come in a gathered shoulder style