Yaro Ring Sling - Nova Ultra Raspberry Straw Modal


Available for pre-order

70% Cotton 30% Modal - 290 gsm - Ultra Weave

Release 8 December 2019

Yaro Nova Ultra Raspberry Straw Modal is a new Yaro Pattern is blend with cotton and modal. This is a wrap that comes soft from the bag and will be even softer after a wash and minimum use. The modal in combination with our signature Ultra weave make this wrap very supportive. When used double layered you can use it with great comfort with your toddler. The wrap is feels light in hand and silky to the skin, this is an absolute newborn friendly wrap. The colours are hard to catch, this is a chameleon with a beautiful purple side with detailed yellow and red,and a pearly looking side that will show you a great colorscheme in different lighting.

This wrap is suitable for all ages and all experience levels and can we worn all year round.