Yaro Woven Wrap - La Vita Puffy Peacock Rainbow


$128.00 $160.00

100% Cotton - Puffy Weave - 380gsm

Release 8 May 2020

Yaro La Vita Puffy Peacock Rainbow is a wonderful, thick but super soft wrap. This wrap has lots of cush because of the puffy weave, your bigger baby or toddler will feel weightless even in a single layered carry. This wrap will break in easily but is already soft from the start. The colors are deep and saturated, a rainbow grad that will remind you of the most proud peacock. This is an absolute cloud on the shoulders, heavy in hand but soft to the touch. It is a 100% cotton wrap which means easy care. It is suitable for the bigger babies because of the 390 gm2. Suitable for all experience levels. This wraps needs to be washed before use, at delicate settings on 30 degrees, and low speed spinning.