Yaro Woven Wrap - Moonkeeper Trinity Bronze Black Modal


Available for pre-order

70% Cotton 30% Modal - 315gsm - Trinity Weave

We are proud to present the second version of our new Moonkeeper pattern. A beautifully detailed woven pattern with a fairy-tale image. Dragon, keeper of the moon and carrier of your child. The fabric is woven in our new inventive weave Trinity. Trinity weave is our latest development in double layer fabrics following Contra and Ultra weft. It allows more color gradations, greater variety of yarns and makes the fabric even softer. The blend of cotton and modal contributes to the softness of the wrap and makes this a very suitable newborn wrap. It is absolutely soft from the package and has no breaking in period. Despite its sublime softness, it also gives enough support to carry an older child with ease. The wrap has a wonderful glide, your passes go easily into place with double layer wrap jobs as well. The bronze color in combination with deep black and silver get a fantastic shine and the trinity weave makes is a great color play. This wrap is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience.

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