Yaro Woven Wrap - Oasis Duo Aqua Grad Emerald Navy Wool


Available for pre-order

100% cotton - 340 gm2

Release 16 november 2019

A great all-round easycare wrap,perfect to wear with your favorite jeans. This wrap needs a short breaking in period and will become lovely soft.

You can comfortably carry your little newborn baby in this sling but your toddler will also enjoy this wrap. The fabric has a beautiful glide to make knotting easy and offers a wonderful grip so that your multi-layered wrapjob stays in place. Single and multi-layered wapjobs are a piece of cake for Oak!

Suitable for all ages and all levels of experience.


70% Cotton 30% Wool - 330 gm2 - Duo Weave

Release 14 November 2019

Yaro Oasis Duo Aqua Grad Emerald Navy Wool, this Aqua Grad takes you into the depths of the ocean.

This is one of our most appreciated grads, from deep blue, turquoise to gray. The combination with black makes the colors stand out even more.

This wrap contains 30% wool which is naturally temperature regulating, making it wonderful in the colder days or the summer heat.  The wrap feels nice in hand and needs a short break in period. It will become wonderfully soft, making it easy to tie.

This is a very nice toddler wrap, the larger baby can easily be worn in a single-layered knot. After wearing it, it is also great for a newborn.